hyperianism, poetry

New Material

Will be posting Part 1 of my 3 part series of poems. In it’s entirety the series is called “Ad Astra”. I decided this name as I am constantly looking for elightenment through the universe spiritually and through myself to become stronger and a better me day in and day out. We all have our struggles, you will learn about what are mine in what I write. I have learned to guide myself and create my own path to freedom and the stars. My mind is forever growing and expanding through the help of hyperianism and wishes to transcend into a higher being in which my body cannot compete. This body I reside in is just a mere vessel to aid me in goals to transcend and become whole with the shadow and light. However, this could not be done until I found what was holding me back, only then can my journey continue. Please be on the look out for Part 1, “Crushed Dreams”, ย of my 3 and possibly 4 part series “Ad Astra” on December 18th, 2018 at 8:00 EST. – IDA


New Poems

Hi everyone,  I have promised you a new poem last October but never posted. I apologize for that. School made me too busy. Being the summer I have time to post it now and time to write new poems as well. I hope you all enjoy them and please give me feedback if you can. I’ll post all three new poems within the next two days.